Design is not creativity

A lot of developers blur the line between design and creativity. It’s common to hear a developer use “I’m not artistic” as an excuse for the poor design of their application.

But creativity and design are very different things, as this illustrates:

I wouldn’t expect your average developer to be able to answer all the questions posed by the test, but reading it should at least provide some insight into how even someone with no artistic talent whatsoever can still design an effective layout.


speak clearly, to me, jerk.

Please. simple communication is great. No flowery language, just get to the point. After your first draft you can probably cut it in half.

You’ve made the decision to write to me, so write for me. Make it easy for me to understand.

Otherwise you’re just writing like a jerk.

rules, corrections

Whether halting someone mid sentence to correct their grammar, or derailing a productive meeting to correct document formatting, or fixing a piece of non-semantic markup – Corrections have a cost, and mistakes are often completely insignificant.

Before you make a correction, make sure the correction is valuable, in the context it’s going to be made.